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They stole her name and Ellie Reynolds wants it back. An innocent mistake at her IT job exposes the steamy secrets and identities of all who entered a Valentine’s contest to the entire cell phone network and overnight #EllieEpicFail becomes the internet’s enemy du jour. She must quickly restore her reputation before the disciplinary committee rules on the fate of her job or lose her dream promotion. At rock bottom, she seeks help from her last resort—her first ex-boyfriend.


Jackson Clarke has built his influencer brand playing a bad boy persona online. But until the contest secrets leaked during the live finale of a reality dating show, deeply hurting his sweetheart, he’s never felt like a real villain. He must prove to the world, and himself, he’s a Good Guy or risk watching her leave his life, along with his brand sponsorships, forever.


When Ellie shows up with a decade old I.O.U asking for Jackson’s assistance with her obliterated image, he accepts. The only thing people love more than a fall from grace is a redemption story and helping the culprit who caused this mess will cement his Good Guy status.

From Vegas to New York, they chase the daytime talk show host who has been Ellie’s loudest detractor. In a cramped R.V., the himbro and the grouch rediscover their past, live-wire chemistry. But no road trip goes as planned and they learn an easy fix doesn’t solve everything—sometimes going the extra mile is what it takes to make things right.

COMPS: This second-chance idiots-to- lovers, is Bridget Morrissey's A THOUSAND MILES meets the viral internet chaos of Hulu's NOT OKAY and would pair well with Taylor Swift’s REPUTATION album.
a redemption road trip rom-com 
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