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Girl With a Hat
Image by Andreas Selter
Image by Becca Tapert
Image by Vitae London
Starry Kiss
Image by Lauren Richmond


Querying Soon: The Hotfix

COMPS: This second-chance idiots-to- lovers, is Bridget Morrissey's A THOUSAND MILES meets ALL THE FEELS by Olivia Dade, with Taylor Swift’s song ANTI-HERO as the soundtrack.

Ellie Reynolds, a sarcastic I.T. technician, accidentally unleashes the steamy submissions of a Valentine’s contest to an entire U.S. cell phone network and overnight becomes #EllieEpicFail—the internet’s enemy du jour. With her job on the line, she must troubleshoot her reputation and manage the media backlash before the disciplinary committee makes their final ruling. At rock bottom, she seeks help from her PR-savvy last resort—her first ex-boyfriend. 

Jackson Clarke built his influencer brand playing a bad boy persona on a reality dating show, but he feels like a true villain when his scandalous contest entry leaks during the live finale, wounding the season’s sweetheart. He needs to prove to fans and himself that he’s changed, or risk losing her and his sponsorships. When Ellie shows up with a decade old I.O.U asking for help with her ruined image, he agrees. Assisting her will cast him as a Good Guy in the public’s eyes. He knows the only thing people love more than a fall from grace is a redemption story.


In a cramped RV, the himbo and the grouch seek out Ellie’s loudest detractors to reverse their opinions and change the headlines. From a perilous night in a clown motel to lending a hand in Pistachioland they rediscover their past chemistry. But no road trip goes as planned, and they learn the hard way that easy fixes aren’t always best. Sometimes going the extra mile is what it takes to truly make things right.  

Art commission: Emidrawsthings on IG
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Character social media design: Mallory Dobry
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