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When a server failure ruins the country’s love lives, Ellie Reynolds, the nerdy, tattooed IT tech who caused the fiasco struggles with the overnight notoriety and seeks help from her now-famous influencer ex before the attention ruins her sister’s wedding and she permanently becomes #EllieEpicFail.


Jackson Clarke, perennial villain everyone loves to hate on the reality dating show, Players in Paradise becomes a Textmagedden casualty when his immature texts are leaked during the live finale costing him this season’s sweetheart, countless sponsorships, and his room at Hustle House---the content creator house he helped establish (not to mention his enviable click-thru rate). 


So when Ellie shows up with a decade old I.O.U asking for his assistance with her obliterated image, he accepts. What better way to prove he’s the good guy than helping the woman who ruined him? Short on time to change minds before her sister's wedding and the filming of the tell-all episode, they cobble together an #EpicApologyTour chasing her loudest detractors around the country in hopes of trending for the right reasons. From Las Vegas to New York, the cramped RV is the perfect environment for the himbo and the grouch to test drive their system compatibilities. But when they hit a dead-end with her biggest critic they must learn to embrace their faults if they have any shot of deploying a hotfix before they make an even bigger hot mess.

COMPS: This second-chance idiots-to- lovers, is the road trip and reputation repair of Olivia Dade’s ALL THE FEELS meets Taylor Swift’s REPUTATION album and the viral chaos of the Suez Canal blockage
a redemption road trip rom-com 
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